Monopoly Records

Longest Game Ever Played: 70 days

Longest Game Played in a Bathtub: 99 hours

Longest Game Played Underwater: 45 days

Longest Game Played Upside-Down: 36 hour

Largest Outdoor Game Played: 550 inch. by 470 inch. gameboard with real people as tokens and large foam dice that were thrown from the fire escape of a building

Largest Indoor Game Played: 122 inch. by 122 inch gameboard

Smallest Gameboard: 1 square inch

Most Expensive Set Ever Produced With multiple Copies: Dunhill Set With Solid Gold Playing Pieces, Worth: $25,000

Most Perishable Set Ever Produced: Neiman-Marcus all-Chocolate set, Worth: $600 in 1978

Largest Price Paid On eBay For Most Expensive Parker Brothers Edition: About $10,000 For The 1936 #25 Deluxe Wood Edition

Closest Call From Real Life: In 1972 , Parker Brothers-And Public Sentiment- Convinced Atlantic City Officials Not To Change The Names Of Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues Because Both Avenues Have Different Names In Some Parts Of Town And The City Officials Had considered Simplifying Matters

Nicest Impact Of Progress In Real Life: The Opening Of Amtrak Service To Atlantic City in 1989

Most Notable Achievement Of Economics In The Monopoly Game: No Price Inflation In Over 1/2 A Century, The Values Have Been The Same Since 1935


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Monopoly and Me

As you know, I obsessed with Monopoly.  So obsessed, on weekend, I spend 12 hour sessions online playing on Pogo try the game and get addicted.  I have to say though, I don’t play Monopoly every day.  I am still in high school and have homework ect. that have to be done.  I am a straight A student so I think if I played Monopoly any more, I might not get those grades.  Last year, I wrote a 13 page essay on Monopoly for my final project of the year.  That is when I really became obsessed with the game.  The really sad thing about my Monopoly obsession is that my mom HATES Monopoly and won’t change her option about the game.  In fact, almost the whole side of her family doesn’t like the game and I know why.  When my mom and her brothers and sister were children, they never learned how to play Monopoly.  They only had one set, in Italian.  My mom could not read Italian, only her brothers could, so she had to take their word on everything.  They also didn’t know how to play the game, so once all the properties were sold, the game was considered over and whoever had the most money was the winner.  They never played much because of this and they grew up with bad memories of the game. 

Now to my dad’s side of the family.  They are a traditional Monopoly family.  They played with house rules growing up and the children learned to like it.  They played the game incorrectly, but at least they learned how to play.  I grew up learning house rules for Monopoly as well, but as soon as I read The Monopoly Companion I never used them again. 

If you are someone out there who hates Monopoly, give it a chance.  Play by the official rules and try to change your option about it.  It is too late for my mom, belive me I’ve tried, but it might not be too late for you or someone you know to learn to love this great american board game.  

I am so excited about this holiday season.  The second I get out for Christmas break, I am sitting on my computer and playing Monopoly.  I plan on playing for a full 24 hours, and if I succeed I will give you the story of my Monopoly adventure.  I also plan on playing with my cousin Marina, who is great at the game.  We are very evenly matched competitors.  She will tell you about the Monopoly games we play as well. 

Oh, by the way, a Monopoly Documentary is coming out, I am so excited.  I will tell you more about it later, but for now you can watch this trailer for it.  It is called Under the Boardwalk.  The website is also full of other great information about Monopoly as well as tournament information that you can’t find anywhere else.  The date of released has not been set, but it will hopefully be out by summer 2010.  

Happy Holidays, I hope you beat everyone in your family in Monopoly.

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Monopoly City Streets had ended, Monopoly City is out!


The online hit game, Monopoly City Streets,  has officially ended.  The game was a huge internet success, over 5 million people from across the world played the game during the three months the game was on.  Players purchased 9 million streets and more than 175 million buildings.  I played this game for a short time.  I purchased only one street and a few houses on it.  I purchased the street I live on, so nothing fancy and then bought my house as well as some of my friend’s houses.  I did not test out the hazard buildings or have any of my buildings destroyed.  There were over 1.8 million hazard buildings built and over 2.5 buildings destroyed.  Negotiation was a big part of the game, like it is in regular Monopoly, but 52% of all the offers made in the game were denied.  Some properties on Monopoly City Streets were more desirable than others.  

The top 10 most popular cities were:

1.    New York City

2.    Paris

3.    London

4.    Las Vegas

5.    Tokyo

6.    Miami

7.    Madrid

8.    Berlin

9.    Barcelona

10.    Los Angeles

The top 10 streets searched were:

1.    Wall Street

2.    Route 66

3.    Broadway

4.    Oxford Street

5.    5th Avenue

6.    Rue De La Paix

7.    Rodeo Drive

8.    Times Square

9.    Main Street

10.    Yonge Street

 Since the Monopoly City Streets online was such a success, the Monopoly City board game has just come out, so you enjoyed playing Monopoly City Streets, check Monopoly City here

I now regret that I had not played Monopoly City Streets while it was on.  The board game however, is very similar.  You can play with your friends and family and build more than you ever could before.  You can even build sewage plants to destroy your competitor buildings.  The buildings are 3-D as well.  Includes game board, 6 movers, buildings, 22 District cards, 25 Chance cards, 6 Reminder cards, 1 Rent Dodge card, 2 dice, 1 money pack, 1 trading unit and instructions. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). For 2 to 6 players. Ages 8 and up.  I am considering buying this game because it sounds like a really interesting spin-off on regular Monopoly.  But I am disappointed in a Monopoly edition about 50% of the time, so I will read some reviews on the game before purchasing. 

Some reviews said the game was very long, even by the official rules the game took more than 3 hours to play.  I like a long board game, but really, Monopoly in any edition should never last much over 2 hours.  The money stays in the game for a really long time, so it is hard to put an end to the game.  There are a lot of cards that you can avoid paying rents with.  It takes a lot of bad-luck for a player to go bankrupt. 

OK, so maybe I won’t be buying this game until Hasbro has some serious game modifications being made.  But if you have a really long family weekend and you need something to entertain you for hours on end, buy this game and try it out.  Tell me what you think of it.  (If  you want a long game without buying this one, just play with house rules on the original, you will be playing for weeks!)

Thanks for reading and sorry that Monopoly City Streets ended :(, but all good things must come to an end, and who knows , with the proper game modification, Monopoly City could be a really big hit!


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The Monopoly Blog

The Monopoly Blog is another blog by another Monopoly addicted  person like me.  He reviewed the game Monopoly: Here and Now edition.  His review was from 2006, before the game was realised.  I think that the game is not very different from the original, but is very interesting to look at all the same.  It replaces properties from the original game to more modern-day well-known places.   I don’t like this because Atlantic City is still a real place, and although some of the places do not exist or every business on that street has gone out of business.  
Some of the new places are:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
  • Boston
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Seattle
  • Phoenix
  • Minneapolis / St. Paul
  • Miami
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Cleveland
  • St. Louis
  • Orlando
  • New Orleans
  • Las Vegas
  • Honolulu
  • Nashville

The money amounts have also been changed, it now costs 1 million dollars to buy Boardwalk, which is called Times Square in this edition.  This game does end the conflict of what the Monopoly properties would be worth today, but they would have to change the amounts constantly because house prices are changing so frequently.  I think these properties would be worth so much more than these amounts, that is why I like Monopoly World Edition much better, not only for the better pictures of places around the world, but also for the amounts that are so much more realistic.  All they did was turn $100 into $1,000,000 on every property around the board, I think that 4 million dollars for Montreal is more realistic than 1 million in Here and Now edition.  All the same, I enjoy The Monopoly Blog even though he stopped posting 3 years ago.  You should still go to his site and read the old posts, many of which are still good news in the Monopoly world today.  The link is

A great place to play Monopoly World Edition is at  I love playing on this site so much.  I probably play near 10 games a week.  You get to play with people all over the world live.  You need to sign up for a pogo account in order to play, but it is 100% free if you don’t mind playing with ads and selected tokens.  I am very cheep and have played free online games, download, ect. for years now and they are full of annoying ads that interrupt game play and make you lose your focus.  You can cope with them and just get your mind-set in Monopoly and never lose that focus.  In Monopoly tournaments and even playing Monopoly at home, there are so many distractions that the ones on the computer seem so minimal.  You need to try playing on pogo Monopoly if you don’t have anything else better to do with your life because you will get addicted, fast.  The only problem is that when people quit in  the middle of the game, computer players come in, and they are way too easy to beat.  I always quit the game if a computer player enters :).  So, go to that blog and play Monopoly on pogo.

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Monopoly Mega Edition: Game Review

Today I will tell you about the Monopoly Mega edition.  I bought it about a year ago, thinking it would be a more interesting way to play Monopoly.  The differences between this edition and regular Monopoly are that there is more money, more properties, rule changes and the speed dice is used.  There is $2500 given out at the start of game play, with one $1000 bill included.  The board is much larger and includes 12 new spaces and 9 additional properties.  The new properties are Yellow California, Dark Blue-Florida, Light Blue-Massachusetts, Pink-Maryland, Red-Michigan, Orange-New Jersey, Green-South Carolina, Dark Purple-Arctic Avenues, and Utility-Gas Company. 

The new rule changes to this game actually make the game shorter.  The properties are sold faster because of the speed dice.  If you don’t know how the speed dice works, I will give you a brief summary.   The speed dice is and extra dice used in game play.  The six sides have the numbers 1, 2, 3 as well as 2 sides will Mr. Monopoly.  The last side has a bus on it. The Mr. Monopoly side when rolled moves you to the next un-owned property in the beginning of the game.   So if you roll a 3 and 4 on the regular dice and then roll a Mr. Monopoly, first go 7 spaces and you can buy the property if it is un-owned or do any other action necessary on the space.  Then move to the next un-owned property and buy or auction it.  When all the properties are sold, move to the next property you owe rent to.  The dice makes the properties sell faster and bankrupts people faster.  If you try to play this game without the speed dice, it will take a very long time, I tried once and the game lasted 5 hours.   The bus on the speed dice can make you draw card and use them later in the game to move to desired spaces on the board.  You can use this card at the beginning of your turn to move to any space in the row you are in.  These are very useful and there are only 16 and there are no more when they run out, so use them wisely.  But they do expire when the all bus tickets expire card is drawn from the bus ticket pile.  Use the bus tickets sooner before the card is drawn, and save them after the card is drawn.  If you roll 3 of the same number with the speed dice, you can choose to move to any space on the board after moving your normal roll.  When you are in jail and are rolling to get out, you do not roll the speed dice. 

Another nice thing about this game is that you don’t have to own the whole color group in order to build houses and hotels on it, you don’t need to have one of the properties, so 3 out of 4 or 2 out of 3 if its dark purple or dark blue.  In order to build skyscrapers however (a new addition) you need to have all the properties in the group.  The skyscrapers will allow you to collect huge rents.  You can also build railroad depots on any railroad (even if you only own one) to double its rent. 

Overall, this game is alright.  It is defiantly different.  If you like playing with the speed dice you might like this game.  But if you want to play a really short game, play regular Monopoly with the speed dice and you can be done in under an hour.  This game still takes time with the speed dice.  If you want something different from regular Monopoly, you can play this, but honestly, it’s not different enough for me to want to play it instead of regular Monopoly.  If I can mange to get my family around the table to play Monopoly with me, I would pick the classic edition in a heart beat.  If you aren’t a huge fan of classic Monopoly, try this one because it is more like a combination of other games with Monopoly.  I really enjoy playing this game without the speed dice and bus tickets but keeping all of the other rules, but as I said it take a much longer time to play.  If I went back in time, I don’t think I would have spent the $40 of my hard-earned money on this game, it just isn’t that different.  I have only played it 3 times vs. the hundreds of times I have played with my classic set.  I use my classic set so much that I had to buy a new one.  I was much happier with that purchase.

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Monopoly Tournaments

Most of you probably didn’t know this, but there are Monopoly Tournaments.  They are played around the world in over 40 countries.  The champions from these countries can move on to the World Monopoly Championship.  This competition was very recently held on October 20-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I wanted to go to this tournament but unfortunately couldn’t because I am still a student and the tournament was held during the week.  It was even more depressing when I saw that it was on October 21 which is my birthday.  I had to spend those nights at home, searching the internet for videos of what was happening there. 

I will now explain how one can enter one of these championships.  You must frist locate tournaments going on in your area.  They are typically hosted by an organization such as boy/girl scouts or as a fundraiser to benefit a charity.  You can then enter a tournament, usually for a fee to benefit the charity.  Make sure the tournament you enter is playing by the official rules and plans to submit the results to Hasbro so it will count towards higher level tournaments.  

If  there is no tournament in your area and you would like to participate in one, why not host your own.  It is a great way to help a cause you care about and it will be a fun activity for all. Go to  for official information on how to host your own tournament. 

The tournaments are timed games until the very final round in the World Championship where the best of the best in the world compete.  The players in the final round were from Russia, United States, New Zealand, and Norway.  There was an exciting trade early in the game between Russia, Norway and the US.  Russia had the green properties, the US the pink and New Zealand with the oranges.  Just from this part of the game, it would seem that New Zealand would win because the oranges are the best group in the game.  The US and Russia did in fact land on the orange properties shortly after the trade, putting New Zealand in a great position.  But now, Norway was back in the game with a full light blue set, without having to trade.  He quickly built 4 houses on each property.  Russia quickly became bankruptt after already being damaged by the oranges.  The U.S. then became bankrupt to Norway, making Norway the dominant player on the board with nearly all the properties other than what New Zealand had.  New Zealand still felt confident however in his place in the game.  New Zealand landed in jail, saving him from Norway’s high rent for a few turns.  In a lucky twist of fate,  Norway landed in jail as well.  New Zealand rolled doubles and got out of jail, landed on Norway’s properties and went bankrup, making Bjorn Halvard Knappskog from Norway, the World Monopoly Champion!  He was the winner of  $20,580, the amount of money in a monopoly bank  in a classic set.

This is a huge event and there will be another one next year in another country to be determined.

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The 8 Color Groups in Monopoly

  1. Dark Purple: The dogs in the game: Mediterranean and Baltic Ave..  They are the cheapest properties in Monopoly.  They only cost $120 to buy and $500 to build hotels on each.  They are not commonly landed on being right after GO (The farther a property is away from go, the more commonly it is landed on).  The one thing this group is useful for is for steady income along with a more powerful group and creating housing shortages.  You can build 8 houses on this group and prevent players with more powerful groups from buying them.  This group is good for starting out the game because it costs little to develop and will bring in steady cash throughout the game.
  2. Light Blue:  The light blue properties are Oriental, Vermont, and Connecticut.  They are one of the best groups in the game, the 2009 World Championship was won with them.  They only cost $320 to buy and $750 to develop, they are very commonly landed on even being close to GO.  If you are in-game where there is not a lot of money in play then they are great because they will be the only powerful developed group.  I have won at least 50% of the games I have played with this group.  If you are playing with a lot of players and there is a lot of money in the game, you need another group to win the game. 
  3. Light Purples/Maroons/Pinks: St. Charles Place, States, and Virgina.  This group has gone by many names, starting with Maroon when the game was created, then to light purple and recently to pink as of the last World Championship.  The group is good because it comes after jail in a commonly landed on row, but it is not so good because of the amount it cost to develop in relativity to the amount it brings in.  It costs $440 to buy and $1500 to develop.  It is an OK middle of the road group, if there are a lot of players then there is a good chance you wont win with them.  Try to shoot for something better, but if you can’t they aren’t the worst group on the board.
  4. Orange: The best group on the board. St. James Place, Tennessee, and New York.  If you get this group and have a decent amount of cash, I can almost guarantee that you will win the game.  They are far away from GO and right after jail so a person will land on them almost every trip around the board. They cost $560 to buy and $1500 to develop.  They are powerful with 3 houses and deadly with a hotel.  You want this group, don’t give it to someone unless they give you a really good deal for it.  I have won every time I have gotten this group.
  5. Reds: Another very good group.  Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois.  This group requires a lot more cash to develop, but are landed on very often and with deadlier rents than the oranges.  They cost $700 to buy and $2250 to develop.  They are deadly with 3 houses so it is not completely necessary to build up to hotels.  Yous do need another source of income like cheap group or railroads.   
  6. Yellows: This is a powerhouse.  Atlantic, Ventnor, and Marvin Gardens.  This group is very deadly with 3 houses, but you need another group or railroads to have the cash to develop it.  It costs $800 to buy and $2250 to develop.  This is a great group to win in a long game. 
  7. Greens: The worst color group in Monopoly.  You need way too much cash to develop it, but with a ton of cash it can be a powerhouse.  You need $920 to buy it and $3000 to develop it.  Unless you are in a long game, you will not win with this group.  It is not very commonly landed on because it lies after the “Go to Jail” space.  I have won only 2 times with this group because I had traded for a lot of cash and had another group along with it.   
  8. Dark Blues: For some reason people think this group is good.  Park Place and Boardwalk.  It is an OK group but you have to have another group and cash to win with it.  It is not commonly landed on, but it can be the best powerhouse when developed to 3 houses.  It costs $750 to buy and $2000 to develop.  I have won a few times with it, but I had another group that did most of the work.   

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How to Play Monopoly

Surprisingly enough, very few people know how to play the game of Monopoly correctly.  Most people play with “house rules” such as putting all penalties into free parking and when a player lands on that group, they get the money.   This rule is fine if you want to spent 20 hours playing a game of Monopoly, but for those of us who want to finish the game within 2 hours, we play without that rule.  Rules like this one keep money in the game longer so it takes longer for players to go bankrupt. These are the official rules created by the Parker Brothers that make sure your game won’t last more than 2 hours. 

The objective: To collect all the properties on the board by making all the other players go bankrupt, leaving one

The start: To start, every one gets the following bills; 2 $500, 2 $100, 2 $50, 6 $20, 5 $10, 5 $5, 5 $1.  There are 16 of each Chance and Community Chest cards , shuffled and placed on the board face down.  There are exactly 32 houses and 12 hotels in a Monopoly set, if you have to little or too many, take them out or use Legos to make more prior to game play.  Make one player the banker.  The banker should no the rules and have a good attention span so they can pay attention to the bank as well as the game.  They should be good at arithmetic.  The banker is in charge of all the activities above as well as making sure the properties are in order prior to game play.  They will hand out properties and give and take money when needed. 

The start: Everyone choses a token, if there is a fight for one, roll the dice to see who gets it.  Everyone rolls the dice and the highest number total of both dice goes first, followed by the player on his left. 

Starting: When a person lands on a property they may buy it or put it up for auction.  You can’t just skip it.  The rent of a full color group that is undeveloped is double the original rent.  You can buy houses for the amount specified.

Housing shortages: If you run out of houses during game play, you can’t make more.  That is it.  If you have 1,2 or 3 houses on a color group and there are not enough houses in the bank to build enough to get to 4 on each before building to hotels, you may not build hotels. 

Jail: You can go to jail landing on the go to jail space, getting doubles three times, or drawing a “Go to Jail” card from Chance or Community Chest.  You can pay $50 to get out of jail right away once you get in or you can roll each turn to see if you roll doubles and get out.  If you pay to get out and roll doubles to get out, you do not roll again as you would normally.  If you pay and roll doubles on the next turn, you still roll again

mortgaging: You can mortgage properties by turning them over and getting 1/2 the value for them, if you wish to unmortgage them later, you must pay the mortgage value %10 of the mortgage value.  If you trade for a mortgaged property you can unmortgage it immediately or pay %10 now and keep it mortgaged.  If you want to unmortgage it later, you must pay %10 again plus the mortgage value.   

Bankrupcy:  You can go bankrupt to a player if you have no way to pay the debt.  You can pay a debt by mortgaging properties and selling houses.  You can’t mortgage a property until it has no houses on it.  The player receiving all the properties if  you go bankrupt, you must pay %10 of the mortgage value immediately or unmortgage some or all of the properties. 


That is monopoly in a nutshell!

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My First Blog: Monopoly!

Hi, my name is Julia and I am a 9th grade High School student.  I live in the Bay Area.  This is my first blog and I am very excited to tell the world about this topic.  I am sure every single person in the United States has heard of the game Monopoly.  You play it with your friends and family probably a few times a year.  You probably have one person in the family who is really good at the game and with beat every person in the family at the game every time.  I am that person in my family.  I am a self-proclaimed expert at the game.  I have read every book there is about the game and play at least one game a day.  Since I am not always with my family, I have gone to the internet to play the game.  I don’t want to be bragging, but I could beat almost anyone at Monopoly.  I am now here to spread my knowledge of the game with the world. 

I  started playing the game when I was 7 years old.  My grandparents tought me how to play the game, the way most people learn how to play.  We were in a beach house in Lake Tahoe at the time and the rest of the family was playing the game so I tried my hand at the game as well.  Surprisingly enough, I didn’t think much of the game the first time I played it.  At that time I was also learning how to play Texas Hold Em because I had just learned how to play that game as well because this was the poker craze and everyone was playing the game.  I enjoyed that game much more, so Monopoly was pushed aside to play poker.  

I fell in love with Monopoly when I was 12.  This is due to the fact when that my Grandpa had bought me as well as everyone else in the family The Monopoly Companion which is the book that changed my life.  This book told every strategy and tactic to winning the game.  I read the book cover to cover and couldn’t stop myself from reading it again.  To this date I have read that book over 24 times and have memorized every word.  I knew the game so well and wanted to play.  I was at my cousin’s house a week after I had read the book.  We all decided to play a game of Monopoly.  I picked up the terrier because no one had taken it yet.  That game was amazing.  I got the orange group by trading the reds and railroads for it.  My cousins had always thought the railroads were the best and thought I had made a crazy trade. They didn’t notice that I already had a lot of cash and several useless properties, 2 greens and boardwalk.  I mortgaged those instantly, having enough cash to build 3 houses on each orange property.  No one else having enough cash to develop anything,  I collect several $550 and $600 rents. Since I won that game, I have used the terrier in every game I have played since. 

 I love this game so much, and I hope everyone else reading this loves it to!

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