Monopoly Tournaments

Most of you probably didn’t know this, but there are Monopoly Tournaments.  They are played around the world in over 40 countries.  The champions from these countries can move on to the World Monopoly Championship.  This competition was very recently held on October 20-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I wanted to go to this tournament but unfortunately couldn’t because I am still a student and the tournament was held during the week.  It was even more depressing when I saw that it was on October 21 which is my birthday.  I had to spend those nights at home, searching the internet for videos of what was happening there. 

I will now explain how one can enter one of these championships.  You must frist locate tournaments going on in your area.  They are typically hosted by an organization such as boy/girl scouts or as a fundraiser to benefit a charity.  You can then enter a tournament, usually for a fee to benefit the charity.  Make sure the tournament you enter is playing by the official rules and plans to submit the results to Hasbro so it will count towards higher level tournaments.  

If  there is no tournament in your area and you would like to participate in one, why not host your own.  It is a great way to help a cause you care about and it will be a fun activity for all. Go to  for official information on how to host your own tournament. 

The tournaments are timed games until the very final round in the World Championship where the best of the best in the world compete.  The players in the final round were from Russia, United States, New Zealand, and Norway.  There was an exciting trade early in the game between Russia, Norway and the US.  Russia had the green properties, the US the pink and New Zealand with the oranges.  Just from this part of the game, it would seem that New Zealand would win because the oranges are the best group in the game.  The US and Russia did in fact land on the orange properties shortly after the trade, putting New Zealand in a great position.  But now, Norway was back in the game with a full light blue set, without having to trade.  He quickly built 4 houses on each property.  Russia quickly became bankruptt after already being damaged by the oranges.  The U.S. then became bankrupt to Norway, making Norway the dominant player on the board with nearly all the properties other than what New Zealand had.  New Zealand still felt confident however in his place in the game.  New Zealand landed in jail, saving him from Norway’s high rent for a few turns.  In a lucky twist of fate,  Norway landed in jail as well.  New Zealand rolled doubles and got out of jail, landed on Norway’s properties and went bankrup, making Bjorn Halvard Knappskog from Norway, the World Monopoly Champion!  He was the winner of  $20,580, the amount of money in a monopoly bank  in a classic set.

This is a huge event and there will be another one next year in another country to be determined.


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    Did you do your I-search on Monopaly?
    Why are you so obbessed..IT’S CREEEEEPPPyy

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