Monopoly Mega Edition: Game Review

Today I will tell you about the Monopoly Mega edition.  I bought it about a year ago, thinking it would be a more interesting way to play Monopoly.  The differences between this edition and regular Monopoly are that there is more money, more properties, rule changes and the speed dice is used.  There is $2500 given out at the start of game play, with one $1000 bill included.  The board is much larger and includes 12 new spaces and 9 additional properties.  The new properties are Yellow California, Dark Blue-Florida, Light Blue-Massachusetts, Pink-Maryland, Red-Michigan, Orange-New Jersey, Green-South Carolina, Dark Purple-Arctic Avenues, and Utility-Gas Company. 

The new rule changes to this game actually make the game shorter.  The properties are sold faster because of the speed dice.  If you don’t know how the speed dice works, I will give you a brief summary.   The speed dice is and extra dice used in game play.  The six sides have the numbers 1, 2, 3 as well as 2 sides will Mr. Monopoly.  The last side has a bus on it. The Mr. Monopoly side when rolled moves you to the next un-owned property in the beginning of the game.   So if you roll a 3 and 4 on the regular dice and then roll a Mr. Monopoly, first go 7 spaces and you can buy the property if it is un-owned or do any other action necessary on the space.  Then move to the next un-owned property and buy or auction it.  When all the properties are sold, move to the next property you owe rent to.  The dice makes the properties sell faster and bankrupts people faster.  If you try to play this game without the speed dice, it will take a very long time, I tried once and the game lasted 5 hours.   The bus on the speed dice can make you draw card and use them later in the game to move to desired spaces on the board.  You can use this card at the beginning of your turn to move to any space in the row you are in.  These are very useful and there are only 16 and there are no more when they run out, so use them wisely.  But they do expire when the all bus tickets expire card is drawn from the bus ticket pile.  Use the bus tickets sooner before the card is drawn, and save them after the card is drawn.  If you roll 3 of the same number with the speed dice, you can choose to move to any space on the board after moving your normal roll.  When you are in jail and are rolling to get out, you do not roll the speed dice. 

Another nice thing about this game is that you don’t have to own the whole color group in order to build houses and hotels on it, you don’t need to have one of the properties, so 3 out of 4 or 2 out of 3 if its dark purple or dark blue.  In order to build skyscrapers however (a new addition) you need to have all the properties in the group.  The skyscrapers will allow you to collect huge rents.  You can also build railroad depots on any railroad (even if you only own one) to double its rent. 

Overall, this game is alright.  It is defiantly different.  If you like playing with the speed dice you might like this game.  But if you want to play a really short game, play regular Monopoly with the speed dice and you can be done in under an hour.  This game still takes time with the speed dice.  If you want something different from regular Monopoly, you can play this, but honestly, it’s not different enough for me to want to play it instead of regular Monopoly.  If I can mange to get my family around the table to play Monopoly with me, I would pick the classic edition in a heart beat.  If you aren’t a huge fan of classic Monopoly, try this one because it is more like a combination of other games with Monopoly.  I really enjoy playing this game without the speed dice and bus tickets but keeping all of the other rules, but as I said it take a much longer time to play.  If I went back in time, I don’t think I would have spent the $40 of my hard-earned money on this game, it just isn’t that different.  I have only played it 3 times vs. the hundreds of times I have played with my classic set.  I use my classic set so much that I had to buy a new one.  I was much happier with that purchase.


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