Monopoly and Me

As you know, I obsessed with Monopoly.  So obsessed, on weekend, I spend 12 hour sessions online playing on Pogo try the game and get addicted.  I have to say though, I don’t play Monopoly every day.  I am still in high school and have homework ect. that have to be done.  I am a straight A student so I think if I played Monopoly any more, I might not get those grades.  Last year, I wrote a 13 page essay on Monopoly for my final project of the year.  That is when I really became obsessed with the game.  The really sad thing about my Monopoly obsession is that my mom HATES Monopoly and won’t change her option about the game.  In fact, almost the whole side of her family doesn’t like the game and I know why.  When my mom and her brothers and sister were children, they never learned how to play Monopoly.  They only had one set, in Italian.  My mom could not read Italian, only her brothers could, so she had to take their word on everything.  They also didn’t know how to play the game, so once all the properties were sold, the game was considered over and whoever had the most money was the winner.  They never played much because of this and they grew up with bad memories of the game. 

Now to my dad’s side of the family.  They are a traditional Monopoly family.  They played with house rules growing up and the children learned to like it.  They played the game incorrectly, but at least they learned how to play.  I grew up learning house rules for Monopoly as well, but as soon as I read The Monopoly Companion I never used them again. 

If you are someone out there who hates Monopoly, give it a chance.  Play by the official rules and try to change your option about it.  It is too late for my mom, belive me I’ve tried, but it might not be too late for you or someone you know to learn to love this great american board game.  

I am so excited about this holiday season.  The second I get out for Christmas break, I am sitting on my computer and playing Monopoly.  I plan on playing for a full 24 hours, and if I succeed I will give you the story of my Monopoly adventure.  I also plan on playing with my cousin Marina, who is great at the game.  We are very evenly matched competitors.  She will tell you about the Monopoly games we play as well. 

Oh, by the way, a Monopoly Documentary is coming out, I am so excited.  I will tell you more about it later, but for now you can watch this trailer for it.  It is called Under the Boardwalk.  The website is also full of other great information about Monopoly as well as tournament information that you can’t find anywhere else.  The date of released has not been set, but it will hopefully be out by summer 2010.  

Happy Holidays, I hope you beat everyone in your family in Monopoly.


December 16, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Kevin Tostado replied:

    Glad to hear that you’re looking forwarding to seeing “Under the Boardwalk”! We hope to premiere in the Fall of 2010. I know that sounds so far away, but it will be here before you know it!

    Have you demanded a screening of the film yet at ?

    Kevin Tostado
    Producer/Director of “Under the Boardwalk”

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