Monopoly Records

Longest Game Ever Played: 70 days

Longest Game Played in a Bathtub: 99 hours

Longest Game Played Underwater: 45 days

Longest Game Played Upside-Down: 36 hour

Largest Outdoor Game Played: 550 inch. by 470 inch. gameboard with real people as tokens and large foam dice that were thrown from the fire escape of a building

Largest Indoor Game Played: 122 inch. by 122 inch gameboard

Smallest Gameboard: 1 square inch

Most Expensive Set Ever Produced With multiple Copies: Dunhill Set With Solid Gold Playing Pieces, Worth: $25,000

Most Perishable Set Ever Produced: Neiman-Marcus all-Chocolate set, Worth: $600 in 1978

Largest Price Paid On eBay For Most Expensive Parker Brothers Edition: About $10,000 For The 1936 #25 Deluxe Wood Edition

Closest Call From Real Life: In 1972 , Parker Brothers-And Public Sentiment- Convinced Atlantic City Officials Not To Change The Names Of Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues Because Both Avenues Have Different Names In Some Parts Of Town And The City Officials Had considered Simplifying Matters

Nicest Impact Of Progress In Real Life: The Opening Of Amtrak Service To Atlantic City in 1989

Most Notable Achievement Of Economics In The Monopoly Game: No Price Inflation In Over 1/2 A Century, The Values Have Been The Same Since 1935


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