Calopoly is a limited addition collectable Monopoly game that was made for the University of California Berkeley’s alumni, students and friends.  I received one of these Monopoly editions as a present from a family friend.  He gave this specific edition to my family and I because my parents are both graduates of UC Berkeley.  My family and I played this game on Wednesday and found it very amusing.  The properties are all named after buildings on the campus, UC Berkeley is a huge school so it has more than enough buildings to name the 22 color property spaces on the board.  The Railroads were named after streets on campus and the Utilities were named Sorority/Fraternity row.  The Chance cards were called Contingency while the Community Chest cards were called Campus Mail.  Jail was home that you went to for Academic Probation.  Luxury Tax was a Car Fine and Income Tax was Increased Tuition.  Free Parking was Spring Break.  The tokens were various textbooks.  Houses were Credits and Hotels were Diplomas.

Rule Changes:

The rule changes in this game were very bazar.  The first was the fact that all tokens started in the center of the board.  The person who rolled the highest number would then move counting Go as 1 and moving forward.  This game also started out with $1200.  This game was played with the rule of Free Parking.  One of the strangest rules was the fact that you could not pay to get out of jail right away.  You had to wait 3 turns and then whatever you rolled on the 3rd roll you moved, paying $100 if it was not a double.  You also had to pay 15% to unmortgage properties but we didn’t play with that rule because it was too hard to calculate and we always forgot. 

What I like about this game:

By far the best part of this game is the Contingency cards.  They say things like “Advance any token to any space of your choice”  and “Lose 2 turns” and “All Campus Party! All tokens advance to Fraternity Row”.  While these cards completely violate traditional rules of the Monopoly game, they are really funny.  We were laughing so hard every time a Contingency card was drawn that it almost made up for the fact that the game rules made no sense. 

What I didn’t like about the game:

I don’t like that the colors of groups were changed.  The prices were messed up as well, the first 2 properties in a group were $10 less than they should have been and the last property was $10 more.  I don’t really like rule changes in general, but it was interesting to play with a completely different set of rules, so I had to change my strategy.

By the way, despite everything, I still won the game!

P.S. Sorry if you cant see the pictures


January 1, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Mary replied:

    I would like to get a copy of this game – do you know where to buy it?

    • Monopoly replied:

      From what I searched, it will not be easy to find because there are very few copies of this game. Sorry about that, but there are still many other great editions of Monopoly you can find.

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