Monopoly for the Wii

As some of you may have known, Hasbro, EA games and Nintendo, have come together to make Monopoly, the game we all know and love, into a video game.  The game has all the features of a Monopoly game, you play on varies boards with computer or other human players.  You can customise rules however you like depending on how you play.  It is like Pogo Monopoly except it costs $50 vs. getting a free pogo account.  Ok, so there are a few features in this game that are better than Pogo.

What I like:

The use of Wii technology: This game tries to make an effort into making the incredible technology of the Wii to the test.  One of the most interesting things that I found out while playing this was that when it was your turn to roll, when you shake the Wii remote, it sounds like dice rolling.  The graphics are also pretty good in this game. 

The Extra Features: Besides playing Monopoly on a variety of boards, you can: play super-fast mode, Rags to Riches mode, play mini-games and unlock all of these features as you win games.

The Gameplay: You can do anything you can do in a game of Monopoly normally.  You can change the rules as you like.  You can play against computer players at 3 levels.   

What I don’t like:

The use of Wii technology: There is really no point to have this game on the Wii.  Sure the graphics are nice, but is it really necessary to play a Monopoly game? 

The Extra Features: Ok, Monopoly mini-games, really?  The games are a pointless edition only to make it seem like you are getting more when they are the most boring games you will play.  Their titles range from Pay School Tax to Christmas fund Matures.  Is it even conceivably possible to have a halfway decent mini-game with that title?  The Rags to Riches mode  uses these mini-games and is really not fun. 

The Gameplay: While you are playing the game, Mr.Monopoly is following your piece around.  Now this would be Ok if he didn’t talk.  Every time you do anything, buying a property, building houses, trading, anything, he has to say what that means.  Now this is every single game, not just the tutorial.  It can get really annoying after a while.  Another thing that is a poor quality of this game, like pogo, the computer players are way to easy.  Even when you put them on hard, I can easily crush them.  Sure, I am a good Monopoly player, but I need a challenge.  The game needs an expert CPU level added to this game for us experienced Monopoly players out there. 

All in all, I do enjoy playing this game.  There is nothing that wrong with it for me to shove it into the dust.  I only play on the classic board anyway, so I ignore the extra features.  I received it as a gift, I don’t know if I would have bought it on my own, but I am glad to have it.  If you don’t want to buy it however go to .  Also check out my YouTube channel for all of my latest Monopoly videos and subscribe to receive updates


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