Monopoly: Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition

While I was on vacation in LA this February, my uncle gave me the Deluxe Anniversary Edition from 1985 that he had found from all those years ago.  As I opened the set, I could smell the dust that had been kept in for so long.  Although in sub-par condition, the set was still beautiful and very cool.

What was different:

The thing that I love the most about this set is that there are very few differences between it and a classic Monopoly set that we all grew up with.  The board has no changes and neither do the community chest and chance cards.  The tokens, however, are gold colored instead of silver.  The dice are red instead of white.  The houses and hotels are made of wood and slightly larger than a regular set, so they don’t fit as nicely on the board once you have reached the four house level.  It also comes with a playing and history guide, similar to the one you see in the 1935 reproduction set.  It has the complete 50 year history of the game and how it originated as well as instructions on how to play.

The set is very nice and sells for nearly $30 used.  I will keep mine and play with it many times.

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